Our Programmes

We offer our students with three outstanding, high quality, and professional-based programmes in communication.  The length of the programmes is one year.  These include:


Master of Communication Arts Programme in Global Communication (International Programme)

We live in a global village where political, economic, and socio-cultural similarities and differences are shared and valued.  Communication in cross- and multi-cultural context is a professional potential and performance needed for a future transformational leader.   In this programme, the students will enjoy studying 39-credit courses including

ICA 671 Global Communication Theories and Application

ICA 672 Communication Research

ICA 673 Intercultural Communication Strategy

ICA 674 Global Communication Seminar

ICA 675 Corporate Communication Policy

ICA 676 Data Analytics and Consumer Insights

ICA 677 Global Digital Media and Innovation Management

ICA 678 Public Issues in Asia

ICA 679 Global Brand Communications Strategy


With more specialised knowledge and experience, they are given options of ICA 680 Media Literacy, ICA 681 International Advertising Campaign Planning, ICA 682 Creative Interdisciplinary Project, ICA 683 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, ICA 684 Health Communication and Advocacy, and ICA 685 Collaboration Methods in Conflict Resolution.  For more information, please click here.


Master of Communication Arts Programme in Strategic Communications (Thai Programme)

With target to create a communication strategist who have wide vision and insight in communication industry and are able work in national and international corporate, the Master of Communication Arts Programme in Strategic Communications (Thai Programme) at Bangkok University is the best pathway.  It offers the students with 36-credit courses including:

  • TCA 671 Communication Theories
  • TCA 672 Advanced Communication Research
  • TCA 673 Advanced Strategic Communication Planning
  • TCA 674 Strategic Communications Seminar
  • TCA 675 Strategic Approach to Public Relations
  • TCA 676 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • TCA 677 Relationship Management
  • TCA 678 Issue Management and Crisis Communication
  • TCA 679 Strategic Approach to Advertising
  • TCA 680 Creative Content Strategy
  • TCA 681 Interactive Advertising
  • TCA 682 Societal Marketing
  • TCA 683 Strategic Approach to Brand Communication
  • TCA 684 Embracing Communication Channel Management
  • TCA 685 Brand Rejuvenation
  • TCA 686 Branding of Geography


To gain more professional experiences, alike, the students can freely choose free elective courses covering TCA 687 Political Communication Campaign, TCA 688 Natural Science Communication, TCA 688 Health Communication, TCA 690 Intercultural Communication, TCA 691 Information Literacy and Ethics, TCA 692 Communication Management in Entertainment Business, and TCA 693 Creative Interdisciplinary Project.  For more information, please click here.


Master of Communication Arts Programme in Digital Marketing Communications (Thai Programme)

With more specialisation in the digital arena, the students in the Master of Communication Arts Programme in Digital Marketing Communications (Thai Programme) is well and fully equipped with 36-credit courses including:

DC 651 Qualitative Research in Social Media Management

DC 652 Search Marketing

DC 653 Digital Content Marketing and Content Development

DC 654 Channel Planning

DC 655 Performance Marketing

DC 656 Strategic Planning

DC 657 Digital Creativity and Copy Writing

DC 658 Digital Campaign Management


As for global and landscape shift and respect to professional markets, we make the students entertained with DC 611 Viral Marketing Communications, DC 612 Affiliate Marketing, DC 613 Mobile Marketing, DC 614 Relationship Marketing Communications, DC 615 Digital Public Relations and Crisis Communication, DC 616 Digital Video Production, DC 617 Online Community Management, DC 618 Online Display Advertising, DC 619 Electronic Commerce and Cyber Law, and DC 620 Digital Design and Architecture.  For more information, please click here.

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